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Stephan Levering

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We are pleased to announce that on October 7th 2016 the SECOND HPE tennis event will take place on Tennispark De Vliegende Hollander! We will get a training from Former Roland Garros finalist Martin Verkerk and you will get the opportunity to challenge him on the court personally!! Martin will also play a demonstration match with some of the local (HPE) talents.
Of course there will be a tournament for all tennis enthusiasts at all levels. Everyone is welcome to join, we have arranged tennis lessons for the ones who have never held a tennis racket before! (But also if you are a crack already, it is a good opportunity to show your skills to your colleagues).
In between matches, we will also be organizing some nice activities and of course finish with a drink! Also if you are not playing, come and watch!!
PS: Intro's are also welcome to join.
Theo Kraaijkamp and Stephan Levering are available for inquiries. And all donations will go directly to War Child. See you there?!

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